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This house was built in the 1850's as a summer home for a wealthy south Georgia planter, W. W. Chapman, who owned land in Louisiana, Alabama, and south Georgia. On October 21, 1874, the house was bought by W. J. Kincaid who ran a store on South Hill Street. In 1888, Kincaid, who had come to Griffin a couple of years earlier from North Carolina, became one of the founders and largest stockholders of the Kincaid Manufacturing Company. He was elected president of the company which built one of the two earliest cotton mills in Griffin. This mill is now part of Dundee Mills, the largest textile manufacturer in Griffin.

He was elected president of the company which built one of the two earliest cotton mills in Griffin which later became Dundee Mills.

The Hunt House is a two-story brick and stucco structure built with a four-room, side hall plan. The house was originally of Italianate style but was remodeled in the Beaux-arts fashion by Kincaid in 1900. He removed the original Doric four-columned portico and replaced it with a monumental portico of fluted Corinthian columns. Kincaid also added a second story to the two wings. Kincaid's daughter married Robert G. Hunt and lived in the house until 1959 when the property was sold to the First Baptist Church. The house was recently torn down and reconstructed near the Griffin Country Club by Dr. Grady Duke.

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