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This building is very well-kept, and appears to be new.


This structure was built during the early 1850's for the Lewis family on the northernmost boundary of what was the original town plan of Griffin. Following the war, Mrs. Emily W. Lewis lived in the house with her granddaughter, Lavonia Hammond. Miss Hammond married John B. Mills in 1878, and when Mrs. Lewis died in 1901, Mills purchased the house from her brothers and sisters. When Lavonia Hammond Mills died in 1936, the house passed out of the Mills family. The house was owned by a succession of people and later rented for apartments, but it continued to be associated with the Mills family.

The Lewis-Mills House is a finely detailed Greek Revival structure. The two-story, hipped roof building is fronted by a large portico which has four square Doric columns. A two-story porch extends across the rear facade. The four-room, wide central hall plan is the typical Greek Revival plan common to piedmont Georgia in the 1840's and 1850's. The Lewis-Mills house was purchased and restored by the Griffin-Spalding Historical Society. It served as the Society headquarters until 1987 when it was sold to individuals. Today the house contains a business.

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